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Plastic Recycling in Reality

Don’t let the value go to waste

Don't discard your opportunities - find out how to use recycled materials properly. How can we create a new life for previously used materials? How can garbage and waste become valuable commodities?

Join us during a full day to get a unique opportunity to see what can be done to make use of the plastics in the waste streams and make plastic a part of saving our future, contributing to  important work on sustainability.

During this day, the focus is on how plastic can be recycled and processed into new raw materials. The seminar offers a unique opportunity to deepen your knowledge on how recycling of plastic works in everyday life and how waste products can retain its value and become valuable raw material for another company.

The seminar is organised by Packbridge, in collaboration with Scanfill AB, on May 9th 2019 in Ystad, Sweden.

The day will end with a “hands-on experience” via a guided tour at Scanfill and the Polykemi Group.


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Andreas Andersson
Automotive Regulatory Expert Enviroment @ Volvo Car Group

Volvo aims for 25% recycled plastics in all cars from 2025

During the seminar you will have a unique opportunity to learn how Volvo Cars works with recycled plastic. Andreas Andersson from Volvo Cars will explain how they work with recycled plastic in their cars, which 2025 will consist of at least 25% recycled plastic.

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László Székely
Manager New Plastic Economy @ Tomra

TOMRA Sorting – The future of plastic recycling

Tomra, world leader in plastic sorting, will present the possibilities for brand owners to use colour and still get a high quality recycled material.

László Székely

László Székely joined TOMRA brand TITECH (rebranded later as TOMRA Sorting Recycling) in 2012 after completing studies in waste management and contaminated site treatment at the Technische Universität Dresden, in Germany. Serving as a Business Development Engineer, László was TOMRA’s segment-champion for applications capable of sorting glass from different waste streams, with joint responsibility for development of the AUTOSORT Laser glass-sorting unit. He was also closely involved in the planning and construction of the first two automatic MSW (municipal solid waste) sorting plants in Hungary, and assisted two big brands with upgrading for post-consumer plastics (Polypropylene). 

Since 2017 László has been involved in projects focusing on post-consumer polyolefin packaging, PET trays and working with packaging and converter businesses. Since 2017 he is heading TOMRA’s New Plastics Economy.

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Rustan Nilsson
Communications officer & Environmental Educator @ Sysav

A waste company's reality in regard to consumer waste with a focus on plastic

Rustan Nilsson works as an Environmental Educator at Sysav and he gives inspirational talks on the theme "Waste, Consumption and Sustainable Development".

With our waste as a starting point, Rustan explores which behaviours and patterns of thought that either contributes to or counteracts the development towards a sustainable society.

Rustan was awarded the honorary environmental award from Region Skåne 2017.

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Oscar Hugoson
Sales manager @ Scanfill AB

Spiral economy - The future needs we already have

Spiral economy is way of thinking to use the material in the best possible way over time to lower the environmental impacts. Recycling and reusing plastic materials is a core idea for the Polykemi Group and Scanfill is a part of that eco-system.

Oscar Hugoson

Oscar has a background as in sales for the last 5 years at Scanfill and is a very active member at Packbridge’s seminars/conferences. Oscar is interested in using the right material for the right purpose, recycling and the future regarding packaging and it’s industry.

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Bo Wallteg
editor in chief @ nordemballage


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Registration & Coffee


Welcome - Marie Malmberg Lavsen, Packbridge & Moderator, Bo Wallteg


Spiral economy - The future needs we already have

Oscar Hugoson - Scanfill


Volvo aims for 25% recycled plastics in all cars from 2025

Andreas Andersson - Volvo Car Group


Coffee Break & Networking


A waste company's reality in regard to consumer waste with a focus on plastic

Rustan Nilsson - Sysav


TOMRA Sorting – The future of plastic recycling

László Székely - Tomra


Panel Discussion

  • Jan-Erik Johansson - Plastkretsen AV
  • Peter Mellgren - TMR
  • László Székely - Tomra
  • Andreas Andersson - Volvo Car Group
  • Stefan Poldrugac - Sysav
  • Oscar Hugoson - Scanfill



Guided tour at Polykemi, Rondo and Scanfill



Moderator, Bo Wallteg


End of the day

May 9, 2019

Time: 08:30 - 16:30

Cost: Free!

Plastic Recycling in Reality - Don't Let the Value Go to Waste

Organized by Packbridge and Scanfill  
Lunch is arranged by Scanfill

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Scanfill AB

The SCANFILL material “50% mineral – Only half based on polymer” – Lower environmental impact!

Scanfill AB, a fully owned subsidiary to Polykemi AB, offers cost efficient and sustainable packaging materials. A Swedish innovative knowledge company who meets the market’s demands on end products in world class.We like to call SCANFILL nature’s own packaging material since 50% of the material consists of mineral, a non-oil based resource. The other half consists of polyethylene and/or polypropylene which add strength and ductility. The materials are approved for direct food contact.