9 May 09:00 - 16:00Scanfill

Plastic Recycling in Reality

Don’t let the value go to waste

Seminar Plastic recycling in reality – don’t let the value go to waste will be organized by Packbridge, in collaboration with Scanfill AB, on May 9th 2019 in Ystad, Sweden.

The seminar will focus on opportunities for recycling of plastics. This is a chance to learn more about how plastic recycling works in reality, and what can be made of recycled plastic. 

Listen to how Volvo Cars work with recycled plastic materials and how your recycled plastic packaging can end up as high value products. A panel with experts will provide an opportunity for you to get answers to YOUR questions about recycling. 

The day will end with a “hands-on experience” via a guided tour at Scanfill and the Polykemi Group. A detailed program will be presented by the end of March.


Preliminary Agenda TBA

May 9, 2019

Time: 09:00 - 16:00

Cost: Free!

Plastic Recycling in Reality - Don't Let the Value Go to Waste

Organized by Packbridge and Scanfill  
Lunch is arranged by Scanfill

About Packbridge

Packbridge is an industry driven networking community for the entire packaging value chain. The unique value is coming from connecting industry with academia, public sector and startup community. The goal is to facilitate innovation and long term sustainable development in the packaging industry. We believe that sharing knowledge and the power of diversity have a positive effect on the competitiveness of organisations.

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Scanfill AB

The SCANFILL material “50% mineral – Only half based on polymer” – Lower environmental impact!

Scanfill AB, a fully owned subsidiary to Polykemi AB, offers cost efficient and sustainable packaging materials. A Swedish innovative knowledge company who meets the market’s demands on end products in world class.We like to call SCANFILL nature’s own packaging material since 50% of the material consists of mineral, a non-oil based resource. The other half consists of polyethylene and/or polypropylene which add strength and ductility. The materials are approved for direct food contact.